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Lucy Tuned Lullabies (from around the world)
LucyTuned Lullabies (from around the world) and Lullabies II are two unique musical products, which help relaxation and sleep, most especially for young children. This is because, the LucyTuning system generates beats and frequencies which match the brain's own frequencies, and therefore can induce particular brainwave patterns and their corresponding states of consciousness, as has been observed in many laboratories all over the world.
You can use them:
-During pregnancy. Gestating babies are able to perceive sound from 16 weeks onwards.
-When children or adults wish to relax or sleep.
-For general relaxation or meditation.
-To encourage concentration and better productivity, particularly when preparing for examinations or sport competitions.
-To enhance creativity and imagination.
-To enhance emotional understanding and bonding between sexual partners during the act of love.
-For music education.
-To develop intellectual faculties at an early age.
-To treat bipolar disorders such as depression or anxiety.
-To calm hyperactivity.
-To enhance your spiritual abilities, and reach out to your inner self.


What Sir Simon Rattle says:

"All the recent research shows that children exposed to music from an early age develop better language and reading skills and a generally heightened ability to concentrate and therefore learn. So music is not just good for the soul - it can actually promote the literacy and numeracy targets at the heart of the new agenda."

Sir Simon Rattle of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, on the need for music in schools.
The Observer - Feb 98.

Origins of the Lullabies
These well-established lullabies were collected by Dorothy Berliner Commins and published in 1967 by Random House in Lullabies of the World. They have been reproduced here with kind permission from her estate and her daughter. The lullabies have been found effective for generations. Now by adding the technology of alpha and sub-alpha beating to natural tuning, the ultimate child soother has been developed. The slowing rhythms lull your baby to sleep whilst introducing the sounds of diverse types of music. It is anticipated that children brought up using these sounds will easily appreciate other music from around the world. The rhythms and intonations, which may at first sound strange to adult Western ears, will be familiar for them.

Click here to hear music from both albums and view the fun Flash cartoon at

To hear and learn more about each lullaby from the original 1994 album (lyrics, story and sheet music), click on each country name.

From around the world
Hopi Haiti Colombia Spain Denmark Greece Turkey Indenosia